Let’s start with Reiki: All over the world this Japanese word has been given mystical and fanciful interpretations. The truth of how to interpret this word is totally awesome for both the reality, and the understanding of the words. The Reiki symbol itself is drawn in so many different ways that it is difficult to know the true and original symbol, but within that, you will find in Japanese, there are many meanings to the word Rei, and many ways to depict it as what we think of as a symbol, is in fact a word. Reiki offers potential, intention and a harmonizing of personal energy to heal wounds of the body and soul. To accelerate healing after injury and to minimize pain in chronic sufferers.Energy Therapies are a beautiful, peaceful way to find the spirit within yourself and give it a voice in the world you live in. Healing the past can be a big challenge on your own, but a qualified practitioner, trained well has many ways to aid you in your quest for health and happiness.

Rei is the Japanese word for beautiful, lovely, bell, soul, tinkling jade (which represents harmony, eternity, virtue and clear thinking

Ki  is the Japanese word for air; atmosphere; flavor; heart; mind; spirit; feelings; humor; an intention; will, energy and life force

Sherry is not only a practitioner of the healing arts, but can easily combine massage therapy, readings and Reiki to bring all the elements required to set you on your naturally peaceful path.  As a master teacher she is qualified to attune and train you, via skype/facebook or live in person. For more information about becoming a Reiki practitioner, contact her today.

   Reiki In Person  30 Min  $45       Reiki in person  60 Min  $80       Reiki Distance Healing $45
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