What I still struggle with as a Psychic & Clairvoyant

In a nutshell?  Truth, I still struggle with the truth especially when it comes to people I love and care about.  A stranger calls me or emails me and asks me a question and I feel it is my absolute obligation and duty to delivery the message with simple clarity and straightforwardness so that the massage comes through clearly, YES OR NO.  This is what people need to hear specially when you find yourself in a mess balls to the wall.

But what about when I care about you and know a bit about your situation, goals and dreams?  What then?  I have a friend that has been good to me asking me about a large sum of money coming her way and I mean a vast sum.  I can feel that she truly believes it is coming all the way down to her bones and she has started telling people and making plans and has slowed down her work efforts (sigh).  But guys, not only am I not feeling it, I am not seeing it either! Not even sorta kinda…Nope!

Understand I LOVE this friend and I can’t think of a better person to come into a vast sum of money, but this aint it, period.  I feel like she is being mislead and lied to by a person who has severe mental issues and disdain for the psychic industry as a whole.  Oh dear did I neglect to mention that this dear friend of mine is also a psychic?  DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUN…the plot thickens!

I have decided to go with tact and pray for her as well as practice some strategic magic so that her dreams can come true, why not?  Make no mistake I never flat out said I saw it but I was and still am supportive of her and her dreams.  And if by some off chance this douche-bag actually comes on with the money I will re-blog about how wrong I was and re-tag this post and how psychics can’t see Everything, etc, etc.

But I dont think so.  And just we all reference the same number this vast sum is $500,000 plus.  Again, I wish her all the best.


Your Psychic in Love and Honesty,
Sherry The Mystical Goddess


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