Love & Blessings Magick Ritual

Yesterday for My Ritual Magick I lit a Red Candle (chime) for Love and anointed it with Frankincense oil and lit a Rose incense stick. I consecrated that candle (stroking the oil from top to bottom so as to receive and lit with Left hand) with Love and Gratitude to:

All those who love me Past, Present and Future

All my Clients Past, Present and Future

All my Friends who are on my team Past, Present and Future

All my lovers Past, Present and Future

All monies that have been made Past, Present and Future

All my business success Past, Present and Future

To all my Family Past, Present and Future

To all my Pets Past, Present and Future

To Acknowledge my debt in a loving manner as a symbol of trust and ability to repay all, Past, Present and Future

I also sent out a bubble of peace, love and protection around my home down my block and to an area about 5 square blocks to which I call My Neighborhood. Anyone driving past any of those streets will pass through my Love Bubble. Of course you will want to Cast circle and cleanse yourself and your ritual space prior to engaging Deities and or performing your Work.  I would also suggest a light fasting or very limited whole food caloric intake less than 1000 then go out into nature or do some light walking on the treadmill (30 minutes of very moderate cardio).  This puts your spirit and mind in a state to receive (exhaust the body, relax the mind theory). And Crystals Never hurt…in fact, I dare say, always add Crystals!

What a beautiful way to hold Cosmic Space of Love and send gratitude and appreciation to those people, places, things and Deities that bless your life.  This is a good way to sit with the I AM and evolve and grow Spiritually coming from a place of abundance rather than Begging/pleading and being in a place of Lack. Remember, the fastest way to effect Change and see your environment change according to your desires is to “Bless it (whatever it is) then Release it in Love”.  That (Love) is truly the Oldest Magick there is and in my opinion one of the most powerful ways to Manifest. XOXOXOX   I love you and Blessings to All!

Sherry The Mystical Goddess

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