Message from the Elephant Animal Totem

The other day while speaking to my friend and spiritual mentor, she mentioned that she felt the energy of the elephant around me and that she could see them raising their trunks to me.  Taking this as a much needed positive message I quickly searched for meanings associated with said Elephants and indeed it was positive.  Immediately words popped up such as: strength, royalty, connection to ancient wisdom, focus, loyalty, patience, family and Self-Care.  Oops…Self-care is a theme that has been popping up in the Energy forecasts lately and other channeled messages I have been browsing on Social Media sites.  It occurred to me, for all the strong positive attributes associated with the Elephant was I nurturing myself and practicing what I preach about Self-care? Sure, I work out and eat clean, I don’t smoke, and I am only a social drinker but what about staying in my power, saying no when I mean no, not accepting every invitation to drama, and not crawling under the splintery crosses of everyone else? Well…

While the message from the Elephants was positive the meaning was multilayered and dynamic as most messages from Spirit are.  Yes I am in a good space for the most part, doing what I know is right and making right decisions for myself, however I am not perfect.   I am a healer and nurturer and I’ll be the first to admit to being an empath.  As the days pass I do get off track and start leaving myself behind spiritually and sometimes physically.  I turn the other cheek to bad behavior, I avoid confrontations if at all possible and I respond to request for help almost immediately. I forgive a lot of foolishness that I see in my day to day life and on top of all that I have an approximate 20 hour a week fitness schedule and I run two companies which does not leave a lot of time for me to Just BE.  This week I had to stop and say Hey where is my fun?

This Friday was the first time in months I went out to piddle around and see art, have a drink, laugh, and talk about anything and everything, but mostly nothing!  I flat out needed to recharge and just exist without plotting to grow my business or doing chores or handling any other “business”. My inner child is very happy and not throwing fits now and frankly neither am I.  This weekend I saw a Facebook Meme that really struck me, it was an empty tea cup and it the message was simply: You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first.  I am also reminded of a great quote from Dodinsky the author of In the Garden of Thoughts, “Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.” Thank you Elephant for lumbering across my path I hear you and message received!

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