Reiki for the Longevity of You & Your Pets

Pets are not just our animals they are our Family, so keeping our “fur babies” alive and healthy forever would be perfect and Reiki can help with that!  Now we all know that no one lives forever not even our beloved four legged partners but if they are able and willing to stay with us as long as possible, Why not? I am a Reiki Master Teacher and I use Reiki Energy daily for everything from my houseplants, my checkbooks and everything in between! Love and devotion for your pets is a good foundation however if you add Reiki Healing to the mix then you’ll have a formula for longevity for both you and your animals. Reiki translates from Japanese, literally as ‘Universal Life Energy (aka Prana, Chi, Ki).  Have you ever considered channeling that Life Force to your sweet animals?  My sweet Boy Bernie is 16 years old and still getting around on his own and can still wag his tail when he sees me. As a Lab Mix he is little stiff at times and he hates the cold, but Bernie is living proof that Reiki works and I have no doubts!  And My Beautiful Golden Shelby will also have the benefits of Reiki for all of her days too!

Animals Have a system of Chakra (Energy) Centers like we do and like us humans they too, can experience blockages which can cause imbalances. Research suggest that animals have 8 Major Chakras up to 21 minor Chakras and 6 smaller Chakras known as Buds ( There are many ways to Activate and clear each of the animal Chakra systems. For Instance, the healing powers of water can activate and balance an animals Sacral Chakra, bathing or spending quiet time near water is an easy way to accomplish this.  The colors and the functions of the animal Chakra Centers are very similar to our own right down to the color and crystals associated with each center.  For More information about Becoming a Reiki Practitioner or How to Balance Chakra Centers contact me.


Here are some very easy steps to apply Reiki to your animal whether you are a Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher or just a loving fur baby parent! First quiet your mind and silently say to yourself, “I set aside my personal Will and Ego to become an open Channel for Universal Life Force”.  Sit or stand quietly while you let that loving source fill your being.  Breathing in deeply Chi or Prana breathing out Stress. Rub your hands briskly together to activate your Chi Ball between your hands moving them further and further away from each other as the Energy grows.  When you feel sufficiently at one with Universal Life Force and you are lead to calmly approach your animal and place one Hand over the Crown Chakra (7th) and one hand over the Animals Heart Chakra (4th). Rest your hands gently on these Chakra Centers until you feel led to move to the next two and so on until all energy centers have been cleared. Usually animals love this process of receiving Reiki as it is a very calming and loving exchange between pet and owner or anyone really!

I have found that since I started using Reiki daily in my life that the Reiki Energy gently restores balance and promotes healing for both me and my pets. Reiki when used alongside traditional means of care can bring about profound changes over the long run and will gently and lovingly preserve the longevity of you and your pets!


Sherry ~ The Mystical Goddess is a Level I Student of Sisters of The Rising Moon, a Usui & Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Master Teacher, an Artist, Massage Therapist & Instructor, Writer, Realtor, and Intuitive and Mystic.

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