Energy theme after Super Blood Moon Eclipse

So last night was the spectacular display of the Super Blood Moon Eclipse!  I would like to think that at some point during the lunar eclipse every human being on the planet looked up at that beautiful Red golden moon!  What an awesome sight to behold and frankly I was glad to be alive to see it!  Of course I plan on being around for the next on in 2033 but eighteen years is a long time to wait and who will I be? Where will I be?  All delicious topics for another article…So we all know that mankind is going through the ascension process and that huge shifts are happening to everyone on a local and global level.  One has simply to turn on the TV, computer or Phone to know that Change is happening and it is touching everyone’s life.  So what is the Energy theme after such a notable event as last evening’s eclipse?  Upon tuning into my inner and highest self and asking for guidance the answer is clear; Movement.  It is time to get up off your dead one and MOVE!  Take a trip, join a class, apply for that new job, and maybe find out how much your house is worth.  It is now time to make changes, make decisions and move with the Spirit as it were.  All obstacles are being moved and the portals are being open to make the way easy for next steps and solidifying plans.  It is high time for a change of scenery and real tangible life changes.  I truly felt a shift last night as I was praying, burning incense and candles and staring at the fabulous moon.  I for one am ready for the next chapter whatever it is, the thought of being where I am even a month from now is frightening.  I need real movement and change and so does the planet. It’s time to ask, what’s next?

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