There is no question too small. Sometimes you just need information on something going on in your life right now, other times you have what appears to be a maze in front of you and don’t quite know how to navigate it. We all have periods where we are just not clear about the future. Choose a tarot reading or clairvoyance from the services below.

                $10                                $20                               $45                                $80


“Your Inner goddess has never been lost, it is just sometimes you forget how to find her.”


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Is mediumship something you are interested in? I can help you to communicate or receive messages from loved ones, The same time fees apply above but you are looking at a minimum of 30 minutes to make a good connection possible. We can schedule a live session any time that works for you via video or live chat. Perhaps you are seeking a message from your guides or spirit, in this case you can choose from $20 services and upward to get a message of particular meaning for you.