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Massage: Get in touch with its many benefits

Massage can be a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being. See if it’s right for youIt is no longer available only through luxury spas and upscale health clubs. Today, massage therapy is offered in businesses, clinics, hospitals and even airports. If you’ve never tried massage, learn about its possible health benefits and what to expect during a massage therapy session.

What is massage?

Massage is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage may range from light stroking to deep pressure. There are many different types of massage, including these common types:

  • Swedish massage. This is a gentle form of massage that uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration and tapping to help relax and energize you.
  • Deep massage. This massage technique uses slower, more-forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, commonly to help with muscle damage from injuries.
  • Sports massage. This is similar to Swedish massage, but it’s geared toward people involved in sport activities to help prevent or treat injuries.
  • Trigger point massage. This massage focuses on areas of tight muscle fibers that can form in your muscles after injuries or overuse.

Benefits of massage

Massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. While more research is needed to confirm the benefits of massage, some studies have found massage may also be helpful for:

  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia related to stress
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Soft tissue strains or injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Temporomandibular joint pain

Beyond the benefits for specific conditions or diseases, some people enjoy massage because it often produces feelings of caring, comfort and connection. Despite its benefits, massage isn’t meant as a replacement for regular medical care. Let your doctor know you’re trying massage and be sure to follow any standard treatment plans you have.  Information credit~ Mayo clinic.

Sherry’s Qualifications speak for themselves, she has completed many hours of Massage training to ensure her abilities as a massage therapist.




Swedish – full body treatment 1 hour —-$70     90 min—- $95
This massage is a complete relax, if you find you are often stressed, angry or in conflict, this is a great way to encourage the big chill. Gentle and particularly good for those who are sensitive to pressure or just to treat yourself. It is hard to imagine how your whole week can improve simply by having a massage but it really can. When both parties of a couple get a massage on the same day, communication improves and a sense of bonding can help deepen the relationship or end any conflict.
Deep Tissue – 1 hour —- $80        Deep Tissue – 90 Min —-$100 
Deep Tissue Massage is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, using advanced massage techniques. Its great for those who want a relaxing massage but prefer firm pressure and successfully used to release long term or chronic muscle pain and restrictions using slower strokes and more direct focused pressure. Breaking up any restrictions in the muscle and promoting circulation while releasing pain patterns and tension in the body.
 Lymphatic Drainage (Klose/Vodder Method)—- $85 per Session ranging from 60 to 85 Min
Lymphatic drainage is an important tool to keep the lymphatic system in good condition for optimum health. The main task of the lymphatic system is to keep the immune system operating well while cleaning and nourishing all the cells in the body, no matter what their function. A poorly functioning lymphatic system can affect every part of the body. Lymphatic drainage techniques can counteract the effects of adverse lifestyle choices and environmental pollutants that can compromise the immune system.
Oncology Massage —-$85 per Session ranging from 60 to 85 Min

Oncology Massage is a specific type of massage therapy designed to deliver a safe and therapeutic massage to clients with cancer and who may be undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. Clients can expect a gentle and safe massage that has been modified from the traditional massage experience in order to accommodate the various symptoms of their disease and any side effects of the treatment. Review of the scientific literature indicates oncology massage helps improve quality of life.  Benefits include improved relaxation, sleep, and immune function as well as relieving anxiety, pain, fatigue and nausea. Oncology massage therapists are trained to meet people where they are in their experience with cancer and apply a highly individualized massage treatment to comfort, nurture and support them in their process.

The treatments are modified according to the full spectrum of cancer-related issues: the physical, psycho-social and emotional consequences of cancer. In addition, the person’s individual goals are considered and aspects of the disease and cancer treatment side effects